Network Utilities becomes first UK Pulse Secure NA... » UK: Pulse Secure  has announced Network Utilities (Systems) Ltd as the first Secure Premier partner ... SentinelOne Establishes $1 million cyber threat ... » PALO ALTO, CA: SentinelOne has announced a cyber threat protection guarantee to provide customers wi... New study reveals software pricing and licensing t... » Maidenhead, UK: The enterprise software marketplace is undergoing a massive transformation as the pr... 380 MOBOTIX Outdoor Cameras installed at ancient R... » Langmeil, Germany:  Pompeii is the world-famous ancient Roman city near modern Naples which may rece... LOCKEN extends frontiers of access control beyond ... » As the digital era continues to evolve businesses are increasingly looking to expand access control ... Liverpool to host Armed Forces Day 2017 » The ninth annual Armed Forces Day, honouring the work and dedication of our brave Servicemen and w... OF FOOLS OF THE MIDDLE BELT, ONE NORTH AND PASTORA... » PART FIVE A treatise on pastoral jihadism, islamism, arabism and cultural imperialism in Nigeria ... Dimension data helps police keep Tour de Yorkshi... » Tracking and data technology on police cars, motorcycles, and vans helped lead, surround, and follow... Al Murabit Security Services first Iraqi company... » Baghdad: Al Murabit Security Services (“AMS”) and its sister company Al Thaware Security Services (“... Optex Systems locks in $518,000 shipment to Brazil » RICHARDSON, TX: Optex Systems, Inc. has announced that it has completed its first shipments of its p...


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Commenting on the news that Google want to collect your medical details (, Lee Munson, security researcher for said:

"In an age when personal information has become the new currency, many people have begun to take their online privacy seriously, checking web terms of service, opting out of intrusions they don’t like, viewing app permissions and so on.

How on earth did Libya find itself in that most unenviable of situations? There are several explanations that have been put forward to answer that question, with some being more convincing than others. The knee-jerk reaction to Libya’s current schizophrenia is to lay the blame for the country’s mess at the door of those Western countries which had intervened on the side of Libya’s anti-Qaddafi forces starting from March 2011.

Poole: Mr John Davies, Managing Director of integrated security manufacturer TDSi, has been awarded the 2016 Chairman's Award for Contribution to Exporting during the BSIA’s Annual Luncheon, which was held at the London Hilton, Park Lane. The award recognises his contribution to promoting UK export initiatives within the security sector, as Chairman of the BSIA Export Council.

FireMon survey shows 65% of security professionals surveyed think they would get grounded by Mum for untidy firewall rules

LONDON, UK:  A survey of 300 IT security professionals carried out by security management vendor FireMon at last month’s Infosecurity Europe has concluded that 65% believe that they would be grounded in some capacity for the messy state of their firewall rules. Of those, over half, or one-third of the total surveyed, said that if their firewall rules were a teenager’s bedroom, Mum would be so angry, she would ground them for life; and just 35% were confident Mum wouldn’t be angry at all.

LONDON, UK: Consumer security and privacy comparison and advice website,, is calling for Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers to resist touting themselves as the “fastest” because, in essence, there is no such thing and these claims can be misleading for consumers. It says continuing to advertise with such ambiguity will erode consumer trust over time in the private VPN market. However, with no governing body to help regulate VPN advertising, some self-regulation would do the industry good.

Modern nation-states have armies in order to protect themselves against foreign danger. Those are supposed to perform essentially the same task as our immune system which protects our health against foreign bodies. However, in certain situations, the army turns against its own nation, overthrows its constitutional government, and sets up a brutal dictatorship over the people. Something similar occurs when the body’s own immune system attacks its healthy tissue, resulting in considerable damage to one’s health and wellbeing. That is lupus, a disease caused by a combination of an inherited predisposition to it and an environmental trigger (e.g., infections, sunlight, or medication.) This is what happened in Libya in 1969 when the army, led by then captain Qaddafi and helped by the United States, overthrew the constitutional government of King Idris. Libya’s resultant political malaise was thus brought about by a combination of an inherited predisposition to political lupus (Middle Eastern-style military takeovers) and an environmental trigger (America’s crucial assistance to Qaddafi’s coup.) What followed was the gradual decline and fall of Libya over a forty-two-year period of hellish existence for many Libyans.

SAN JOSE, CALIF.: Pulse Secure, the leader in secure access solutions has announced certification of Pulse Workspace, by Google as part of the Android for Work program. The latest Pulse Workspace version offers enhanced Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) capabilities designed specifically to help IT departments through a cloud-based console to set policies, monitor usage and manage apps for the Work Profile including the distribution of apps and the purchase of bulk app licenses through Google Play for Work.