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Hafiz RingimAgain, what is our verdict? It’s simply to bin an IGP who does not have the strategic foresight to know that Boko Haram is the very sword of Damocles over the head of Nigeria and could be the decisive factor for the way forward.

Go, Ring! Ring, go! Without mincing word, our honest verdict on the current Inspector General of Police is that he is not fit to be entrusted with the job of policing a multi-ethnic Nigeria in a terror ridden world.

Here is what the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) under Alhaji Hafiz Abubakar Ringim has for those who might seek moment by moment security information on their website with respect to last week’s bombing of the UN Headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria.


During previous crises when we had visited their site seeking information, we had been left very disappointed and frustrated. Having been used to the non-availability of information on most crises on their website, we had decided to give them the benefit of the doubt thinking someone out there would consider the international magnitude of the bombing  and put up some information thereon for all those who would like a moment by moment report on the attack, but we were so frustrated trying to access their website as no one out there thought the global audience deserves to be as a matter of respect and courtesy told that the website had been taken off for whatever reason! Even though they had claimed on their website at the time it was functioning that messages dropped on site would receive a reply within 24 hours, but none of the many messages we had dropped had ever been given a reply!

The search went on hours on end without the slightest knowledge as to what had happened. Every search engine we could remember was used, but to no avail. We were only able to access the Nigeria Police Service (we prefer the word “Service” to “Force”) website by relying on Wikipedia. Annoyingly, once access was gained to the site we were greeted with the embarrassing and shameful message above.

The problem of the Nigeria Police Service (NPS) and indeed most public offices in Nigeria is that it is still business as usual for them. They do not seem to understand the place of Nigeria in the comity of nations. These public offices do not care a hoot about the image of Nigeria abroad. What is more,  they care less about the fact  that the world has become highly globalised to the point of becoming a global village, where all humanity put their neck over the ‘village fence’ to know what is happening on the other side of the fence.

In the case under reference, the Nigeria Police Service is therefore, the single most important and most authentic source of information for the global media, foreign investors, tourists, friends of Nigeria across the Atlantic, Nigerians in the Diaspora, other well wishers of Nigeria and those who are just curious to know why the UN Headquarters in Nigeria was attacked and would also like to have a background information about the Talibans of Nigeria, Boko Haram.

The question we’d like to ask the Inspector General of Police is:  What is he still hanging around for? In all of the recent crises that had dogged Nigeria, courtesy of some of her murderous sons and daughters, the IGP has shown the world beyond every shadow of doubt that he lacks the proactive approach, ability to predict events, the foresight, strategic thinking, intelligence, the firmness, decisiveness, above all, the loyalty that are sine quanon to policing a multi-ethnic Nigeria, especially in a terror ridden Nigeria/world.

As a matter of our high commitment to the cause of Nigerianism/Nigerianness, we call on President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to sack this man who is always overwhelmed, confused and nervous in the face of national crises, making and repeating the same mistake, adopting the same overused strategy in combating organised crime and national tragedy of immense proportion. IGP Ring’s lack lustre attitude to policing Nigeria tells of his lack of creativity in intelligence, policing and administration.

His sponsors to that exalted office may plead for another chance thinking he’s a jolly good fellow. But one thing is certain, the outside world is tired of a man who is neither hot, nor cold in intelligence and policing; Nigerians abroad are worried, worried about the continuous keeping and maintaining of the IGP at the expense of the tax payers; they are worried about an IGP who scampers away on sighting a cockroach running across the ‘national living room’, yes, all Nigerians, home and abroad are worried about an IGP who cannot crush a band of miscreants from the desert who go by the inglorious name of Boko Haram. Again, what is our verdict? It’s simply to bin an IGP who does not have the strategic foresight to know that Boko Haram is the very sword of Damocles over the head of Nigeria and could be the decisive factor for the way forward.

To be honest, modern intelligence gathering and policing is too, too impatient to keep an IGP who urinates in his underwear and trousers on sighting an earth worm!

We are not unmindful of the fact that the Government, past and present has not provided the Nigeria Police with the necessary policing gadgets and accoutrements to meet international standards, but a brilliant IGP will deploy creativity to make bricks with hands.

Despite government’s minuses in the provision of policing materials, Ring and his men are full of lame excuses. Each time Boko Haram struck, they would say they did not know they would strike or where they would strike. Some times last year during the Ramadan, they said Boko Haram said they would be at a prison in the North to let off their men in the morning, and when they turned up in the evening, the entire security agency of the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria used this as an excuse to explain their very gross ineptitude, lack of intelligence and inability to predict events with a view to ambushing the monsters.

Their most recent excuse again is that they did not know the murderers would attack the UN Headquarters in Abuja! Fie! Boo! Jeers! Shame! Again, we say shame a thousand times!

Ha-ha! Ring is waiting for the mythical bird Goodluck to tell him what to do in order to protect and secure the Nigerian nation. Not surprising at all, as public offices in Nigeria these days wait for the arrival of the mythical bird to tell them what to do. And if Bird Goodluck fails to arrive, the country is plunged into chaos.

As a supposedly experienced officer, Ring does not know he ought to have issued a circular to all public offices, take up advert spaces in the media to alert all Nigerians, Airport officials, schools, colleges, the universities, supermarkets,  the Embassies/High Commissions and UN offices in Nigeria and ask them to watch their back and report all suspicious moves in and around them to the police or any security agency of the Government, especially after Boko Haram had taken the fight to him at Louis Edet House, the Police Headquarters in Abuja recently.

Ring does not know he needs to advise the Federal Government, corporate offices and all Nigerians who can afford them that this is the time for them to install CCTVs in public offices, public spaces/places, major roads, homes, hotels, stadia, upgrading of the ones in Embassies/High Commissions, etc.

Exeunt, Ring: Your time is up! Just get out of the way. The fact that the Federal Government brought in FBI officials from the U.S. the next day of the attack on the UN HQs is a sure testimony against you, so get out of the way. Goodbye and well done for the 24-year service to your fatherland.


+1 #1 Ebimene sapele 2011-09-04 08:14
Why nigeria refused to recruit more officers to the N.P.F,and V.G.N security. Very soon this boko harham people will set bomb to our president. Please nigeria government let join hand together and fight this problem in nigeria. Omployed more security to safe our lifes and properties.