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Nabil al-Arabi, Arab League Chief

Nabil al-Arabi, Arab League Chief...but how seriously serious is the Arab League about joining the global army of Liberty and civilization?

CAIRO, EGYPT: Rising from their just concluded meet in Cairo, Egypt, States that make up the  Arab League, some of who no doubt, have been using their petro-dollar wealth finance violence across the globe in the name of jihad, and living extravagant lifesyle of the satanic nature, flaunting their ill-gotten wealth all over the place, in the West and at home, disrupting traffic in Western cities with their obscene-exotic cars, whilst their people have a rendezvou with abject poverty at home, had through their foreign ministers last Sunday, vowed to join the West's Chariots of Liberty and Civilization to do battle with the monstrous and satanic gang called ISIS.

IF you think AL really does mean business, ne'er shout uhuru(!) yet, but just wait and see!

But come to think of it, why have the traditionalists and ultra-conservatives of the Arab nations suddenly woken up from their slumber? The simple answer is that they now  feel holed-in, with the furious advancement of their own very DEATH MESSENGERS - the blood-thirsty Islamists who are galloping ravenously into their comfort zones ready to dislodge all the conservative establishments in the Middle East, North Africa, West Africa and parts of Asia, so they too could not only partake of the petro-dollar wealth, but be at the commanding height of the Arab nations' economies.

Well, well, we hear the Arab League also endorsed a U.N. Security Council resolution passed last month directing member states to "act to suppress the flow of foreign fighters, financing and other support to Islamist extremist groups in Iraq and Syria."

What's our reaction to these deceptive endorsement? Just tell that to the marines! Islamism, no doubt, is now the world's fastest growing 'industry''s blood for fast bucks...isn't it? Live big and marry countless wives by shedding innocent blood using God's name to so do!

But Baghdad too had submitted a draft resolution indicating its own efforts to confront militants who have over-run large areas of Iraq to entrench their ignominious caliphate founded on the blood of the innocent and to denounce ISIS' actions as war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Just hold your peace and let us tell you: If they ever with the help of the West finally sort this out, they are more 'hydras' in the bossom of Mother Earth in that very volatile region which will soon spew forth by the coming immeasurable 'volcanic eruptions'.

Also, there had been a whispering of Arab foreign ministers determined to endorse a U.S. aerial campaign against the group and worked closely with the US to destroy the desert and blood-thirsty monsters they had created with their petro-dollar wealth.

But going shopping in Harrods is a most plausibility!

We hear too, that there's a likelyhood of an All-Arab Nations High Command (AANHC) to do battle with their monsters...

Long over due, we'd say as we hold our breath!