Thursday, 29 October 2020

iOmniscient wins BAE’s Global Security Challenge

As the focus of security moves from theft and intrusion to terrorism, the requirement for security systems has also changed. The major threats of the future will happen in crowded scenes and not on empty fence lines.

Dr Rustom Kanga, CEO of iOmniscientBut despite the fact that there are now many companies that offer video analysis they can only do this in simple empty scenes. To find out who could handle crowded and complex environments British Aerospace (BAE) sponsored the “Global Security Challenge for Crowded Places”. An international team of eminent judges was assembled to evaluate the alternative offerings.

iOmniscient has been declared as the overall Worldwide Winner of the challenge. BAE’s prestigious was presented at a colourful ceremony during the just concluded CNi Expo held in London recently.

Receiving the much coveted prize, Dr Rustom Kanga, CEO of iOmniscient said, “. We have always said that our specialization is coping with crowded and complex scenes. This is where we have our patents. So we were very confident that we would do well. But we are very delighted that this capability has been recognized by BAE and the judging panel. Of course, since we can cope with crowded scenes we can easily do the more simple applications in empty scenes as well. One has to select the right intelligence level – the right IQ level – for the particular requirement.”

Many iOmniscient products are specially designed to work in Crowded and Complex Scenes. While others can count individuals moving one at a time, iOmniscient can count them moving in a crowd. While others can detect a bag if it is left in an empty scene, iOmniscient can detect it even when a thousand people have walked in front of it and totally obscured it for a significant period of time. And iOmniscient’s patented Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS) ensures that the false alarms that can occur in very difficult scenes are minimized.

And most recently iOmniscient announced its Face Recognition in a Crowd technology. Until very recently, Face Recognition could only be done effectively with very high resolution cameras in highly controlled environments. iOmniscient’s system can work in  crowds with standard surveillance cameras where the person is not looking directly at the camera.


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