Thursday, 29 October 2020

Brucker Daltonics showcases DE-tector at CNi Expo 2010

BRUCKER DALTONICS Ltd took innovation to new height when it exhibited a new product from its stable-DE-tector at the just concluded CNi Expo held in London at the Excel Exhibition Centre. The new addition to the growing number of innovations from the Coventry-based is a unique trace explosives and drug detection/identification system designed for passenger and baggage screening in ports, airports customs areas as well as prisons and detention centres.


The uRAIDIn this new system, novel software and proven hardware reduces the possibilities for false alarms and helps speed up customer or visitor throughput. Bruker Daltonics also exhibited their product, new RAID which is a compact, lightweight chemical agent detector that provides continuous autonomous air monitoring. RAID is designed to be handheld for surveys, or for use as a personal detector attached to uniforms or protective suits, the system detects, characterises and identifies chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals in a matter of seconds.

Additional systems available from Bruker Daltonics which was not on display include the RAID-M The DE-tector100; recognised as the Gold Standard of chemical weapon agent detection, the E2M transportable GC-MS system for the identification of unknown gases, vapours, liquids and trace contaminants, the RAPID stand-off detector that can detect chemical agent clouds at distances up to 5km, and the Mobile-IR; a field portable chemical identification system for threat analysis of unknown solid and liquids.

Bruker Daltonics is strategically positioned to meet global security challenges and is unique in its ability to offer the complete range of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear detection products under just one brand. For over 25 years Bruker has proven its expertise in the development, engineering and manufacturing of high performance, military-hardened, reliable and easy-to-use detection equipment, whilst supplying these systems to Military clients, First Responders, Safety and Security clients and governments worldwide.


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