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A Security Manager would consider historic data when considering their budget. Furthermore, One to would need to consider current challenges in theater in a holistic sense in one's region of interest and most importantly what is happening on the ground right now that a security manager may not be aware of.

Perhaps, a few readers may then argue - ''how can you budget for something that you are not aware of?''.Simply, there needs to be a contingency provision. The contingency is vital as new incidents are taking place monthly world-wide that could be mimicked and impact elsewhere very quickly because of the speed of conventional and social media.

If a company is spending between 5 to 8 percent on marketing, then consider the same amount on profit protection through countering loss prevention, workplace violence, insider threat, active shooter, cyber crime, fraud, corruption, physical security especially if located in locations that experience demonstrations, and most importantly skilled security - risk - investigation - protection personnel.

Many believe that the weak link in security is the human factor, while others in other countries that have top reputations in security do regard the human factor as their secret weapon. It is not the weapon that kills it is people. It is people that provide or gather information. All issues and incidents to mitigate involves people,

The new challenges outlined in ISIO editorials provide an overview of security challenges in theater globally, and in particular have issued threat warnings for certain countries and specifying specific issues relating to certain outcomes experienced. Furthermore, it seems that certain countries are moving to a right winged government and will encounter additional threats and risks to mitigate more so than before.

Step 1. What is happening on the ground right now in their own region of interest is what the security manager has to explore. Gathering reliable information is imperative as any budget that is not based on reliable information is money wasted instead of being invested wisely.

Physical security - Dogs, Barriers, Roller Shutter Proof Doors, will continue to be in demand and perhaps even more so with what is expected regarding riots.

Technology such as CCTV, Access control and perimeter security should be cyber and hacker-proof.

Tracking and Monitoring technology using GPS, RFiD will be considered as the technology is past BETA stage, matured and more reliant than before.

Surveillance and covert equipment will become more readily used to gather information.

Operations, Mobilization Vetting and Monitoring Security service suppliers. Managers must include in the budget the necessary personnel with specific skills to manage and audit compliance and vetting of security suppliers to ensure that full service is provided. Suppliers may not be providing their full service all the time.

Be aware of security service suppliers that discount way below the market rate as they must be discounting or not supplying competent people in-line with current challenges.(view past ISIO editorials for more info paying attention to General Staff, Trainers, CP, Risk and Investigation professionals)

Security Success depends on the level of situational awareness of the decision makers on the ground and the reaction speed. This covers, operations and mobilization, compliance and vetting.

Gathering reliable information.Staff are not all that forthcoming with information for a number of reasons. Keep in mind, that they do lie, hide or share information for a number of reasons. Not knowing the true situation can cost a lot of time, disappointment and money.

The Secret Weapon: Manpower has to be up-skilled with certain skills in order to function more effectively in evaluating - interviewing or going further using advanced investigative techniques in interviewing or managing managing emotions during demonstrations and riots. The critical core skill to be developed or maintained is deception detection taking cultural connotations into account.

***ISIO - International Security Industry Organization. and supported by MiM Human Investigation Management

ISIO Accredited SAIS Endorsed SAIS Evaluation and Endorsement Committee for MiM – Human Investigation Management

Head of Evaluation Committee: Prof Kris Pillay FIS[UNISA] (SA).