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Niger Delta Watch

Nigeria used to be a foremost nation pointing the light for other African nations to follow, but today like the eagle which was brought down from the sky by an ant gnawing at her wings, corruption has brought down Nigeria from her Olympian and soaring height, such that in the comity of nations, smaller African nations including those which gained independence recently are the ones now speaking for the continent.

The soul of Nigeria died the day, Sunday 15th January, 1956 when oil was discovered at Otuabagi and Otuogadi in Oloibiri in present day Bayelsa State by Shell Darcy. That day it was too that the spirit of enterprise and competitiveness died, and following afterwards Nigeria lost her heart and senses of rightness/justness and wrongness including of course, universal altruism. Hence what passes for Nigeria today is the relic of her old self walking with her head and legs up.

Thus, in conceiving Nigeria Watch International (NWI) we are embarrassed by the current stagnation to regression in every facet of that country and disappointed at Nigeria’s current zero image at international level.

The aims of NWI therefore, are:

  • To expose all levels of corruption in Nigeria, especially official corruption
  • To re-orientate the psyche of all Nigerians, both at home and in the Diaspora
  • And usher in the Nigerian renaissance.

The task ahead is not going to be easy, but with the collective efforts of all Nigerians at home and abroad, all friends and well-wishers of Nigeria across the globe joining us in this crusade by reporting all sharp practices in that country including all their unpleasant experiences in the course of doing business, or just visiting Nigeria for other enterprises, we are well able to uproot the evil tree in the House of Nigeria.

Above all, with God on our side we are able to root out corruption and general insecurity in the erstwhile giant of Africa, make her a paradise of glory and a beautiful bride for foreign investors and tourists once more.

We therefore, call on all Nigerians, friends and well wishers of Nigeria to send us information-documents-facts and figures detailing all forms of corruption in that country. Although steeped in stupendous corruption, the current Government may not be willing to take action against established corrupt cases or be favourably and genuinely interested in fighting corruption as the saying goes, “He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones,” we are prepared to press for prosecution of all cases relating to corruption in any form in Nigeria by enlisting world leaders and relevant international bodies such as the United Nations and Transparency International.

According to recent information on Nigeria courtesy of the National Bureau of Statistics, more than 100 million Nigerians live on less than $1.00 a day. Oil - rich Nigeria, and indeed, Africa with all its superabundant natural and manpower resources has no business being poor.

Although our focus at this time primarily is Nigeria, we should welcome information on corruption from other African countries on other African corrupt rulers till such a time when the continental version of NWI - Africa Watch International takes off fully.

We should like to add that the management of Nigeria Watch International does not take responsibility for any publication hereon and their aftermath.

Ridding Nigeria, indeed Africa of corruption is a task that must be done! Don’t just talk about it, report it and take action!



British Chevening Scholar




A treatise on pastoral jihadism, islamism, arabism and cultural imperialism in Nigeria

(Ephesians 5:14)



3 Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

"Ambush In The Night"

(Ooh-wee, ooh-wee, ooh-wa!)

See them fighting for power (ooh-wee, ooh-wee, ooh-wa!),

But they know not the hour (ooh-wee, ooh-wee, ooh-wa!),;

So they bribing with their guns, spare-parts and money,

Trying to belittle our

Integrity now.

They say what we know

Is just what they teach us;

And we're so ignorant

'Cause every time they can reach us (shoobe, doo-wa)

Through political strategy (shoo-be, doo-wa);

They keep us hungry (shoobe, doo-wa),

And when you gonna get some food (shoobe, doo-wa),

Your brother got to be your enemy, we-e-ell!

Ambush in the night,

All guns aiming at me;

Ambush in the night,

They opened fire on me now.

Ambush in the night,

Protected by His Majesty.

Ooh-wee, ooh-wee. Ooh-wa-ooh!

(Ooh-wee) Ooh-wee, ooh-wee (ooh-wa), Ooh-wa!

Ooh-wee, ooh-wee, ooh wa-ooh!

Ooh-wee, ooh-wee, ooh wa-ah!

Well, what we know

Is not what they tell us;

We're not ignorant, I mean it,

And they just cannot touch us;

Through the powers of the Most-I (shoobe, doo-wa),

We keep on surfacin' (shoobe, doo-wa);

Thru the powers of the Most-I (shoobe, doo-wa),

We keep on survivin'.

Yeah, this ambush in the night

Planned by society;

Ambush in the night;

They tryin' to conquer me;

Ambush in the night

Anyt'ing money can bring;

Ambush in the night

Planned by society;

Ambush in the night - [fadeout]



Challawa Gorge Dam


Prayerful Jack, Audu Bako, Ado Bayero, the late Emir of Kano, other emirs and the Hausa Fulani technocrats/elites are to blame for the worsening condition - stresses and distresses of (the) Northern Nigeria/n (ecology), which now sits on hydrological edge, courtesy of the mega dams and massive irrigation projects constructed in the 70s without the reqiured Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) by the General Yakubu Gowon Administration, under its GREENING THE NORTH POLICY, with a hidden agenda of disadvantaging the South agriculturally, but which backfired, as the madness has hastened the processes of desertification, desiccation of the river systems, including Lake Chad, fuelling unprecedented dustbowls, the shrinking of the Hadejia-Nguru (international) wetlands in an area that is naturally arid zone of the country/the world.

These facts about the Northern Nigerian ecology are based on my environmental investigations throughout the whole of the Northern States of Nigeria, spanning 25 years.

It must be stressed here to all concerned Nigerians and friends of Nigeria worldwide that the onus of this treatise is to look at the Middle Belt particularly, the whole of the North and the entire polity against the backdrop of the ongoing jihadism as spearheaded by the monstrous Boko Haram, both the Bush and Urban/Elite Boko Haram, cultural imperialism and expansionism being carried out by the militant Fulani herders and hired foreign collaborators/jihadists from neighbouring countries, tacitly coordinated and teleguided by the Presidency, emirs, Hausa/Fulani elites vis a vis Arabism in Nigeria.

The age long animosity between the nomads or shepherds as they were known in Bible times and the farmers is as old as the history of creation - in the Bible times, the memory of the brutal murder of Abel by his brother Cain remains evergreen. And there is not a country in the known world that has not had a taste of these clashes between the nomads and the farmers.

But unlike Nigeria, serious countries of the world where these had existed, the leadership of such a country had shown courage, boldness, strong political will backed by unalloyed patriotism and resolute determination in rooting out the menace by providing a lasting solution. But the Nigerian leadership notorious for its politicization of everything, including water as the Yakubu Gowon Administration, goaded by what I had earlier called KANO POLITICS, went about damming every available major water body in the North, that flows down South and feeding Lake Chad and the Hadejia-Nguru wetlands, a folly which had acted as a catalyst in hastening the desert fires, which unarguably aggravated the already bad conditions of the arid zone, leading to the drying up of the river systems and the disappearance of seasonal migration by the nomadic Fulanis, politicised by the successive military Governments, and now made worse by the Sunni-led Government of the Fulani and Hausa President, Muhammadu Buhari, an unrivalled islamist, who has not just politicised this national chaos, but found it a useful tool in the islamification of Nigeria project, with the subsequent aim of introducing Sharia and establishing emirates in all of the Local Government Areas of Nigeria, hence he has turned the other way, whilst his kinsmen shed innocent blood of Nigerians, and afterwards, dispossessed them of their ancestral lands.

In the cause of that madness, Police Commissioner Bako within four years of his reign erected 32 dams - 11 now in Jigawa State and 21 are in Kano State.

But why did all the Governments after that of the Yakubu Gowon never do anything to permanently stop this menace? Don't fellow Nigerians find it curious that all the former Presidents/Heads of State such as Alhaji Shehu Shagari, due respect for his age at this time, "Jack" Gowon, Segun Obasanjo, Gbadamosi Babangida, Ernest Sonekan, Abdulsalami Abubakar, Ebele Jonathan, Muhammadu Buhari, including living former Vice Presidents such as Alex Ekwueme, Atiku Abubakar and Mohammed Namadi Sambo and Middle Belt sons such as T.Y Danjuma, who for the pleasure of the palace never used his Christian name "Theophilus", General Domkat Bali, David Mark, etc, and such other Nigerians like 'Liko Dangote never or hardly/rarely condemn the clashes between the nomads and the farmers, leading to thousands of deaths of fellow Nigerians, especially Christians, with hundreds of Christian youngsters, both females and males currently languishing in captivity, satisfying the sexual orgies of their royal idiots in palaces throughout the Northern States of Nigeria?

Oi, Your Royal Highness, I'm waiting for the Sultan of Sokoto to name the foreigners entering our country to kill us, which he had talked about refuting the fact that the murderous herders are his fellow Fulanis. And if foreigners, how did the Sultan know they are indeed foreigners, and why was he not moved by patriotism to report them to the IGP or the Interior Minister and his very worthless team?

Yet again, if foreigners, Nigerians would like to know how they entered their country undetected, unchallenged, who invited them, who hired them to be carrying cattle about, and instead of taking them to graze, decided to be killing our people, who armed them, how much are they paid or what are the other benefits promised them by their hirerers, what does MACBAN know about these foreigners, whose animals are they carrying about our country, how did they so know their way around our country being foreigners, who usually helps them to flee and how are they so helped?

My personal letter to President Olusegun Obasanjo through our mutual mentor, the late Chief S.O. Fadahunsi on the subject matter, expressing my concern for the frequent clashes between the nomads and farmers and calling on him to do something will be published in the subsequent edition.


The perennial clashes between the herdsmen and farmers, first had its bloody and orgiastic theatre in the largely subsistence livestock farming Northern States of Nigeria and over the years such bloody theatres began to move into the Middle Belt of Nigeria and further down Southern Nigeria with virtually, not just every Local Government Area of the 774 LGAs of the country having it, but I dare say, every community in Nigeria, where two or three live and are gathered now have a taste of this unwanted gladiatoral contests/tournaments, with very fatalistic consequences.

Having been involved in trying to seek lasting solutions to them in the last 25 years years, it is an area I humbly would consider myself having insight knowledge of, more than any Nigerian, living or dead.

And in all of my investigations spanning this length of years, I had warned and warned every successive Government from the ignominious days of Ibrahim Gbadamosi Babangida, where in the course of all of my investigations, I had been warned and threatened for stepping on toes of the very, very, very powerful people in that country, perhaps to drive home my point, I should say: THE DELUDED 'OWNERS' OF NIGERIA.

All of my investigations into this menace including every environmental and under development problem of the Northern States of Nigeria since 1992 till date, visiting rugas, fadamas, Sambisa Forest, which the counter-terror warriors now dread to enter, traversing all the Local Government Areas in the North, and moving from every of those theatres of war between Boko Haram and our National Counter-terror Warriors (NCTW), night and day in these past 25 years with the findings of every of those investigations receiving both national and international outcry, and following with commendations from all the nooks and crannies of the world including the United Nations, and a national media honour THE DIAMOND AWARDS FOR MEDIA EXCELLENCE as the Reporter of the Year 1992.

Such investigations were religiously read and digested by every person that mattered at the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) which I had covered consistetly for nine years, the only Nigerian journalist that had attained that feat for such a long period of time as my colleagues then regarded environment and the coverage of the NCF as "AVery Dry Area (AVDA), meaning where you don't get "Brown Envelope", hence they did come and go, with many of them asking me: "O'd boy I hear say you don dey cover this place/area tay, tay, how you do am without 'water' to wash your parched throat?"

Those who know about the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) in its hey day when most of its founding members were still alive would attest to the fact that the Foundation then paraded the very best of Nigeria in all fields of human endeavour with each having high level international contacts/connections, and nationally too.

I'm talking about the nation's very best historical figures who had been the movers and shakers of Nigeria starting from the colonial days through Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, and every geo-zone of the country was ably represented on its Board of Trustees when I was still in Nigeria and I got private invites outside of journalism to their very private homes.

Amongst such giants at the time under reference included the founder himself: Chief S.L. Edu, Chief Phil Asiodu CFR, CON, A.P Leventis CBE, OFR, Ambassador Aduke Alakija OFR, Mrs Francesca Yetunde Emanuel, CON, mni; Senator Ede David Dafinone (Current Chairman, National Executive Council of the NCF, Akintola Williams, my great boss and mentor Mr Romeo V. Barberopoulos, whom all who had worked directly with him, fondly called: CHAIRMAN; Ahmed Mohammed Joda CFR (current President of President Muhammadu Buhari's pastoralists NGO - THE PASTORAL RESOLVE, shortened to PARE, in which my investigations were largely instrumental to its founding/formation by Mr Romeo Barberopoulos, who having single-handedly founded and funded PARE, co-opted the then retired Major- General Muhammadu Buhari, currently the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, who is the one overseeing and supervising the butchering of Christians and the conscious decimation of the Christian population in Nigeria to head it as its first President); Ambassador Hamzat Ahmadu, CON, Mr Desmond Majekodunmi, including Dr Pius Anadu, Executive Director, a great researher of international repute, Mr Phil Hall, formerly Technical Director of the Foundation, amongst others.

Such other eminent Nigerians who were aware of my environmental investigations into the deleterious effects of Gowon's mega dams projects on the ecology of the Northern States of Nigeria include: Dr Lawan Marguba, formerly, Conservator-General of the Federation whom I had worked closely with for 10 years before leaving Nigeria, Dr Hadi Mustapha, then a Director in the Ministry of Agriculture, Kano State, two former Commissioners of Agriculture, Kano State, whose names are not readily available to me now, but will be reflected later, Brigadier Abba Kyari (rtd), former Governor of North Central State, who in one of such many investigations generously extendend to me the offer of putting up in his house during the investigation. Having turned down the offer, Kyari would be the one himself to personally take me to a hotel not far from his house in Maiduguri in the company of another mentor of mine, Mr Phil Hall (O.B.E), an internationally renowned British ecologist.

Whilst being booked in at the said hotel by a very pretty Igbo lady, Mr Hall had joked: "John, you 've got a beauty here to keep you warm all through the night.

And Brigadier Kyari immediately replied: "John is not into that sort of life."

This compliment from such an eminent Nigerian and a historical figure was to me more than a billion naira.

Mr. Hall fired back in that joking mood: "I know John more than you do. He never gets involved in these things. He's a very foccused young man."

In addition to all of these giants that have come from the wombs of the nation and the world, every sitting Nigerian President and Head of State is a Patron of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation and they (beginning from Ibrahim Gbadamosi, Ernest Shonekan, Sani Abacha, Abdulsalami Abubakar, Olusegun Obasanjo, all emirs, all Governors, all Federal Ministers, other very eminent Nigerians outside of the Hausa/Fulani stock, Umaru Musa Yar'Adua in his capacity then as the Governor of Katsina, all the Northern Nigeria Governors during the period under refernce (1992-2000 and beyond) and of course, President Muhammadu Buhari who from the incubatory statge of PARE was carried along by my former boss alongside other prominent Hausa/Fulanis such as Alhaji Alhaji, Professor Jibril Aminu, Ahmed Joda (who as a personal friend of my late boss and as a memebr of the Board of Trustees of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF), also had the rare previlege and benefit of having insight knowledge into the perenial problems between the Fulani herders and farmers nationwide in his capacity, also, as a member of the Board of Trustees of President Muhammadu Buhari's THE PASTORAL RESOLVE which had been founded based on the findings of my investigations to find lasting solutions to the incessant clashes between the Fulani herders and the farmers across the country, which by then and as now were claiming lives left and right, including the destrution of crops, animals, properties, maimings, raping, etc), some of who later were invited by him to sit on the Board of Trustees of the Pastoral Resolve.

It must also, be stressed that we carried along the now infamous and very notorious Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association (MACBAN)right from the incubatory stage/inception to the actual formation of the Pastoral Resolve, whose literature I had designed, and thereafter promoted it personally on one on one with my colleagues and their reporters in the media before leaving the private sector back to the newsroom as Chairman, Editorial Board of the Daily Times of Nigeria Plc, until my leaving the shores of Nigeria to the UK.

In addition to designing the literature, I wrote all the letters we had sent to every very important office in Nigeria, both in the public and private sectors, including the Presidency under former President Olusegun Obasanjo, all the then Governors, Ministers, CEOs of blue chip companies in Nigeria, parastatals, etc, soliciting funds for the Pastoral Resolve with the current Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, who then was based in Kaduna as the founding President, whilst this writer was its Southern Coordinator/Public Affairs Manager, with its Southern office in Lagos, sharing the same premises with the Nigerian Foundries Limited, founded by my late boss and mentor, Mr Romeo V. Baberopoulos, who was the sole financier and initiator of THE PASTORAL RESOLVE, founded based on the findings of my major investigations on the deleterious effects of the mega dams - Tiga and Challawa Gorge and massive irrigation projects on the ecology of the Northern States of Nigeria, including traditional agriculture, subsistence and economic pastoralism, the Bororos - the pastoralists/herders, their socio-ecomic-cultural well-being and the education of their children, amongst others.

The Northern office of THE PASTORAL RESOLVE was based in Kaduna, where the then Major-General Muhammadu Buhari, now President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was then based, with a Northern Coordinator/Public Relations Officer who too was based in Kaduna, coming to Lagos for his monthly salary and liaising between us in Lagos and the General in Kaduna.

My initial investigation across years looked at Tiga and Challawa Gorge Dams, and later, the Kafin Zaki Dam project in which my investigation into it led to national and international outcry, forcing the Nigerian Conservation Foundation to lead a delegation to the then Head of State, General Sani Abacha, who after conferring with the German Government, whose Julius Berger was the contractor, had to stop it, hence the project was discontinued!

These investigations published in The Guardian on Sunday and The Independently Weekly between 1992 and 1998 recorded the following successes:

⦁ National outcry;

⦁ International outcry;

⦁ A high-powered delegation of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) held an emergency Council meeting following the publication of my investigations, whereupon the idea of a delegation to the Head of State, General Sani Abacha was agreed;

⦁ A delegation of the NCF met the Head of State and Commander-in-Chief at the State House in Abuja to discuss the findings of my investigations with the Head of State;

⦁ General Abacha, acting on the outcome of that delegation, whose members were all very eminent Nigerians and some eminent internationalists, based in Nigeria, had to stop the Kafin Zakin Dam project in 1994;

⦁ The formation of the Pastoral Resolve, with the then Major -General Muhamamdu Buhari, former Head of Sate of Nigeria, and now President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as its founding President.

⦁ In addition to my pioneering investigative environmental reporting in Nigeria, my investigation on the Kafin Zaki Dam project played a very prominent part in the British Government Scholarship, popularly known as the British-Chevening Scholarship I was given to study International Journalism at City, University of London, with specialism in ENVIRONMENT.

It must also be stressed here that as well as my environmental investigations up North, these eminent Nigerians: Otuekong Dr. Titus Okopido, former Minister of State in the Ministry of Environment, Mr. John Odigie Oyegun, (current National Chairman of the APC, whom I personally interviewed in his capacity then as the Governor of Edo State, in the company of my very good friend Mr Isi Omoifo, who then was his Press Secretary when I was investigating the menace of erosion and flooding all over the whole country), including other Governors during the period under reference were equally aware of all of my other investigations all over the country as they either personally had read the original newspaper copies of these investigations or their photo copies in addition to receiving them in form of executive summaries, including those carried out in the Northern States of Nigeria, hence I began weeping, actually weeping and very profusely too that President Muhammadu Buhari was reported to have set up an inquiry panel to investigate the massacre of close to 1000 Nigerians in some LGAs of Benue State, particularly Agatu.

After I had stopped weeping , these words were boldly implanted on my mind's eye: THE ANTICS OF A DECEIVER!

Except Mr President was out to be untrue to himself, deceive the nation and the whole of humanity, the matter at hand is what he has deep insight into by virtue of his privilege position as a former Head of State, current President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, a very prominent Fulani and more than anything, MOST of the negativities of modern Nigeria are caused/engineered by his very OWN ethnic nationality who are out to dominate every national space without an iota of regard for national or cultural sensitivity, and the matter at hand involves the well orchestrated plot/s of the HAUSA AND FULANI people to carry out ethnic cleansing, to plunge the whole of the Middle Belt and Southern Nigeria into acute famine of biblical proportion through the destruction of their crops, farm lands, burning grasses/bushes to grow new ones for their cattle, using chemicals for the same purpose, but which will eventually render the soil infertile, provoke erosion of unprecedented magnitude through overgrazing, all these plots are meant to render THE FOOD BASKET ZONE impotent, so they take agricultural advantage over the rest of the country, as begun by the General Yakubu Gown policy of GREENING THE NORTH in the 1970s, which had culminated in the erection of mega dams and massive irrigation projects such as Tiga and Challawa Gorge Dams, both in Kano State, on the head waters of HADEJIA RIVER which hitherto fed the Yobe River; embark on population decimation cum dilution of other ethnic nationalities as in the case of Ilorin since 1824, whereupon you now have EMIR OF ILORIN who in the 21st Century is embarrassingly answerable to the Sultan of Sokoto instead of the OBA OF ILORIN; grabbing of their land as has been successfully done in a large part of the Middle Belt - JOS NORTH CENTRAL, Southern Kaduna as well as the land grazing bill, coupled with the resort to the so-called ranching, which is nothing, but political and jihadi ranching being touted currently, which ALL Nigerians in the Middle Belt and the whole of SOUTHERN NIGERIA must STOUTLY RESIST with the last person standing as it is all part of the Hausa and Fulani game plan to islamise Nigeria, create emirate councils in all of the geo-zones and gradually and over time in the 774 LGAs of the Federation, introduce Sharia to fulfill Ahmadu Bello, the late Sardauna of Sokoto's, Muhammadu Buhari's and Abubakar Shekarau's dream of the TOTAL ISLAMIFICATION OF NIGERIA!

And need I warn here all those doing the rubbish called EZE NDIGBO outside of their natural traditional kingdoms are merely giving the jihadists the weapon to push through openly what is being plotted secretly, designed to be backed by the FILTHY LUCRE called the PETRO DOLLAR WEALTH (PDW) from the Middle East and the infamous Islamic Bank!

I had for decades been warning the nation of SHARIA CREEP which is already recreating Nigeria in Middle Eastern's image and everybody can now see the fall out of what I had analysed and predicted ages ago.

The over 12 million Almajiris they had kept as cannon fodder over the years have been moving down South in droves with some of them settling down in the Middle Belt doing menial jobs as GOING, OKADA, AKAWUKE (commercial bike riders), mai ruwa in tins hung on their necks, mai guard, some as beggars, mai suya, tobacco sellers, manicure specialist, mageni (drug peddlers), mai reke (sugar cane sellers), mai tea, mai nama, mai akuya, mai kasuwa, truck pushers, porters, drivers, tipper drivers without licences and proper training, etc, but ignored by the then Inspector-General of Police, (IGP) SOLOMON ARASE AND HIS SLEEP WALKING TEAM and now by Mr Ibrahim Kpotun Idriss.

Anyone who thinks all these moving down South are not potential jihadists should go to Iga to be taught how to jump into the lagoon!



Constructed during the Audu Bako Administration between 1971-1974, the Tiga Dam is a major reservoir on the Kano River in Kano State and it is the main tributary of the Hadejia River.

The purpose of the evil dam covering an area of 178 square kilometres (69 sq mi) with a maximum capacity of nearly 2,000,000 cubic metres (71,000,000 cu ft), which has badly affected the downstream people of Yobe State was to ensure food security. The water from this dam supplies the Kano River Irrigation Project and Kano City, too.

Upon completion the river flow downstream at Gashua in Yobe State dropped by about 100,000,000 cubic metres (3.5×109 cu ft) per year due to the upstream massive irrigation projects and by more than 50,000,000 cubic metres (1.8×109 cu ft) blameable on evaporation from the reservoir.

This evil dam has over the years badly affected the Hadejia-Nguru wetland agricultural activities said to cater to over one million traditional farmers and their fadamas that depend on it for wet season rice cultivation and other agricultural ventures at other seasons - such as fishing, cattle grazing by the nomadic Fulanis.

Evidentially, the dam has damaged the agricultural and migration cycles around this important wetlands which also, play host to birds from Europe, thus reducing fish catches and other agricultural activities which once throve around these wetlands.

Government officials at the ministries of the Environment, Agriculture and Water Resources who do not have informed knowledge of the Nothern Nigerian ecology do often display their ignorance to the nation and the world that the desiccation of the river systems in the arid zone, including the drying up of the Lake Chad is blameable only on the usual culprit - climate change, whereas in anatomising the worsening conditions of the Northern Nigerian elocology, several causes and their effects have to be assembled for a holistic dissection in order to get at the heart of the problems, for the purpose of finding the right solutions that will slow down the processes of desertification, encourage a healthy thriving of agricultural activities, including livestock farming and sustainable grazing once more.

But unknown to them, a comprehensive discussion of the worsening conditions of the Northern Nigerian ecology must give a central place to the effects of the mega dams on the Northern Nigerian environment, including the disappearance of seasonal migration, leading to the war between the nomads and farmers, which has now been infiltrated by local and foreign jihadists, carrying the big mens' animals to graze in and around the country, causing untold destruction of crops, lives of farmers and properties, with the jihadi nomads taking possession of the farmers' ancestral lands afterwards as in Southern Kaduna, Agatu, Nimbo, etc.

But do these official 'parrots' know that the Yobe River no longer flows into Lake Chad?

Currently, it is estimated that over 30 million people, excluding animals, depend on the Great Lake for livelihood through agricultural enterprises. But what if the lake goes dry, the disturbing prediction of which has been put in the next 30-40 years?


A major reservoir on the Challawa River, which is a tributary of the Kano River, the main tributary of the Hadejia River, the Challawa Gorge dam is in Karaye Local Government Area of Kano State, just about 90 km southwest of Kano city.

Begun by the Water Resources Engineering Construction Agency of the Kano State Government, the Challawa Gorge reservoir project was later taken over by the Federal Government to fund and it's owned and operated by the Hadejia-Jama’are River Basin Development Authority, a Federal agency.

The dam whose contractor was Julius Berger Nigeria was built between1990 and 1992 with a full storage capacity of 904,000,000 m3.

Like the Tiga mega dam it has interferred with the natural balance along the river. Whereas upstream areas are flood-prone, the downstream river systems, including wetlands together with croplands have dried up.

My investigations reveal the deleterous effects of these dams on the ecology of the North, including agricultural activities outweigh any benefits, if any. The downstram people are the worst hit by these white elephant and big-for-nothing projects.


The Kafin Zakin had been controversial right from the outset. It was meant to be built on the Jama'are River, also known and called the Bunga River in its upper reaches in Bauchi State. Were it to have been built, my findings revealed that over 500, 000 people would have been displaced with incalculable damage to the environment, agricultural activities, livestock and properties, amongst others.

The talks about its construction began following the 1972-1974 drought in the Sahel. Between 1979 and 1982, the then Government of Alhaji Shehu Shagari awarded the contract to Julius Berger, that WINNER-TAKES-ALL GARGATUAN German construction company, but was terminated in 1984 and later re-awarded by the Ibrahim Gbadamosi Babangida Administration in 1992.

And following after the publication of my investigations, the Nigerian Conservation Foundation led a delegation to meet with the late General Sani Abacha, who heeded the voice of reason and had to stopp the project in 1994.

The United Nations Environment Programme's study put its negative value at about $15 million, having economic value in the Hadejia-Jama'are floodplain of about US$32.00 per 1,000 m3, with the value of water in the Kano River Project (KRP), irrigated by the Tiga and the Challawa Gorge Dams put at US$1.73 per 1,000 m3 , or US$0.04 per 1,000 m3 after operational costs.


Have no company with evil! Therefore, dismantle the evil dams and go for smaller ones. And in the meantime, do ensure the regular release of water to the downstream people of Yobe State, who do need it very badly for their human needs first, then agricultural activities, including livestock. A wise does not need two words, just one.




Are there no ink and papers in Ota or at the Hill Mansion any more? Just wondering loud from my Observatory here in the Diaspora, where the Village Letter Writer (TVLW) has been when so much as never before have been befalling the nation?


Receiving, Wahala? Wahala-o, are you receiving?

Er...abunan...W-a-h-a-l-a, se ti retire ni?

Er...kin non pe?

Barracks Boy-o-o!

Let them be cursed with irredeemable curses who have stolen your pen, dried up your ink bottle and gone ahead to burn your writing pads to render you impotent.

Let all Nigerians say: A-m-e-e-e-n!

To be continued


John Odey Aduma was formely Executive Secretary, Foundry Association of Nigeria; Southern Coordinator of President Muhammadu Buhari's pastoralists NGO - THE PASTORAL RESOLVE; Chairman, Editorial Board of the Daily Times of Nigeria Plc; member, National Committee for the Nigerian Youth Festival, 1993; member, core Committee of the National Tecnology Summit and was the Summit's chairman for two of its sub-committees - Publicity and Exhibition, 1998; member of the Administrative Panel of Inquiry set up by President Olusegun Obasanjo to investigate the illegal trade in and smuggling of endagered species of wild fauna and flora into and out of Nigeria, 2003.

He was the Chairman, Planning Committee of the General Murtala Muhammed Memorial Lecture for two consecutive years, 2001 and 2002 before it attained a Foundation status in 2002, having first been upgraded to that status in 2001. General Murtala Muhammed was one of Nigeria's former Heads of State and was killed in the abortive coup led by the then Colonel Buka Suka Dimka on February 13, 1976.

That same capacity saw Mr Aduma delivering huge succcesses during the Daily Times of Nigeria's 75th Anniversary (in which he raked in N6, 000, 000 into the coffers of the Daily Times of Nigeria Plc) and also, playing a similar role in a similar capacity during Dr Isma'il Babatunde Jose's 75th Birth Day. Dr Jose, doyen of Nigerian journalism was Mr Aduma's personal mentor. That relationship was so close and solid such that whilst Aduma was leaving the shores of Nigeria for Britain in 2003, Dr Jose gave him N10, 000.00.

In 1992, Mr Aduma's contributions to journalism was recognised with the awards of the Nigeria Media Merit Award as the Investigative Reporter of the Year and the Diamond Awards for Media Excellence as the Reporter of the Year, and also, the British Chevening Scholarship, which saw him studying International Journalism at City University of London in 2003-2004, with specialism in Environment.

Aduma is the author of the inspirational best-seller, THE DIAMONDS ARE HERE and the founder of Vigilance, the World's Leading Security Magazine and Scorpion News Corp, in addition to founding the Nationalists Unity Movement of Nigeria (NUMON).


God bless our Nigeria.


The Voice of One Crying from the Diaspora...