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Niger Delta Watch

Nigeria used to be a foremost nation pointing the light for other African nations to follow, but today like the eagle which was brought down from the sky by an ant gnawing at her wings, corruption has brought down Nigeria from her Olympian and soaring height, such that in the comity of nations, smaller African nations including those which gained independence recently are the ones now speaking for the continent.

The soul of Nigeria died the day, Sunday 15th January, 1956 when oil was discovered at Otuabagi and Otuogadi in Oloibiri in present day Bayelsa State by Shell Darcy. That day it was too that the spirit of enterprise and competitiveness died, and following afterwards Nigeria lost her heart and senses of rightness/justness and wrongness including of course, universal altruism. Hence what passes for Nigeria today is the relic of her old self walking with her head and legs up.

Thus, in conceiving Nigeria Watch International (NWI) we are embarrassed by the current stagnation to regression in every facet of that country and disappointed at Nigeria’s current zero image at international level.

The aims of NWI therefore, are:

  • To expose all levels of corruption in Nigeria, especially official corruption
  • To re-orientate the psyche of all Nigerians, both at home and in the Diaspora
  • And usher in the Nigerian renaissance.

The task ahead is not going to be easy, but with the collective efforts of all Nigerians at home and abroad, all friends and well-wishers of Nigeria across the globe joining us in this crusade by reporting all sharp practices in that country including all their unpleasant experiences in the course of doing business, or just visiting Nigeria for other enterprises, we are well able to uproot the evil tree in the House of Nigeria.

Above all, with God on our side we are able to root out corruption and general insecurity in the erstwhile giant of Africa, make her a paradise of glory and a beautiful bride for foreign investors and tourists once more.

We therefore, call on all Nigerians, friends and well wishers of Nigeria to send us information-documents-facts and figures detailing all forms of corruption in that country. Although steeped in stupendous corruption, the current Government may not be willing to take action against established corrupt cases or be favourably and genuinely interested in fighting corruption as the saying goes, “He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones,” we are prepared to press for prosecution of all cases relating to corruption in any form in Nigeria by enlisting world leaders and relevant international bodies such as the United Nations and Transparency International.

According to recent information on Nigeria courtesy of the National Bureau of Statistics, more than 100 million Nigerians live on less than $1.00 a day. Oil - rich Nigeria, and indeed, Africa with all its superabundant natural and manpower resources has no business being poor.

Although our focus at this time primarily is Nigeria, we should welcome information on corruption from other African countries on other African corrupt rulers till such a time when the continental version of NWI - Africa Watch International takes off fully.

We should like to add that the management of Nigeria Watch International does not take responsibility for any publication hereon and their aftermath.

Ridding Nigeria, indeed Africa of corruption is a task that must be done! Don’t just talk about it, report it and take action!



British Chevening Scholar



A treatise on pastoral jihadism, islamism, arabism and cultural imperialism in Nigeria


(Ephesians 5:14)



The agencies of the Nigerian Government that have been intercepting my private telephone conversations to friends and loved ones in Nigeria must know that the truth is indestructible and although I'm not the truth, I'm a truth bearer. I do the truth and follow the truth whole-heartedly, religiously, faithfully, loyally, unrepentantantly, fearlessly and unapologetically because the truth is eternal. It is the absolute and it is the highest measurement of a person - the individual, organizations and the nations and that weapon that will and can blast off the truth is not able to be manufactured until the time of the end, for the simple reason that that knowledge that will enable terrestial intelligence to manufacture such objects directed at the truth that can kill and wipe off the truth from the earth is not within and cannot be within the reach of any human intelligence and community because the Truth is from above and its origin is not from here, but from the supra-sensible.



Shameless Lawal Daura, Director-General, Department of State Services...the Viper of Daura and the Founder/CEO of the infamous Daura Elite Recruitment Agency (DERA). He's the unelected, but the most powerful President of the current Hausa/Fulani Government in Nigeria, more powerful than the elected, but very weak and figure-head Hausa-Fulani President in Nigeria (not of Nigeria please), Mallam Muhammadu Daura. It should suit his small mind to start wearing a name badge with the inscription: THE BOSS OF DERA. Pity that his little and disordered, disorientated, unbalanced, crassly insensate and nepotistic mind has remained impervious/blocked to the national outcry for fairness and balance. Buhari's very worrying and gross weakness explains the dominance of the late General Tunde Idiagbon in his previous administration and the current shameful and highly embarrassing domineering tendency of this unrepentant Islamist. This arch-nepotist holds the key for the kitchen in which the WIFE OF THE PRESIDENT has been locked and permanently imprisoned! Can someone join with me and scream out very loud: WONDERS SHALL NEVER END!


Gaunt-looking Abba, The Lucifer. Supposedly named Abba Kyari, the Chief of Staff to the President and one of those earnestly looking forward to the resurrection of Uthman Dan Fodio and a descentant of his, Ahmadu Bello to return to revive the Sokoto Caliphate towards the eventual actualization of Islamic rule in Nigeria - from the Sahel to the Sea.


The very weak, On & Off Hausa and Fulani President of Nigeriaghanistan...a mere figure head in the current power struggle at Gida Usumanu Dan Fodiyo/the House of Saud. But Major-General Muhammadu Buhari, "To which god do you pray?" Says the Lord? "Thou vampire and boa conscriptor of THE ROCK. Thou murderer of my saints, it is the greedy and gluttonous musquito that bursts after the taking of excessive blood of its victims." Mallam Buhammadu Musharia is just a puppet and marionette in the hands of the caliphate delusionists, otherwise known as the cabals, teleguided by the House of Saud.


A bloody tyrant and Major-General.


Thus says the Lord: "O Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, even Pharaoh would have known when enough was enough. From this day henceforth, blood will become your eternal water"!


El-Rufai, a schizophrenic and a SUPPLANTER with a split personality and an accute disorderedness of the mind. Although without a military background thinks in fact, he is the Field Marhall General of the Islamic world. Fellow Nigerian, behold the HITLER OF KADUNA STATE! A modern day Jacob, strategically positioning himself to benefit from the misfortune of his so-called mentor. With a mentee like this, anyone should sooner dine with Satan!


Ayatollah SAIDUNEMEH OF GIDA USUMAN DAN FODIYO...Former Brigadier-General and now Sultan Muhammadu Sa'ad Abubakar IV: Thus says the Lord: "There's non of your plots and those of your cohorts from the far off East that are not laid bare before me."






Paul Joseph Goebbels of Nigeria, Abdulrahman Bello Dambazau: Thus says the Lord, "Nothing excites you more than seeing the blood of my children gushing out of them like the waters of Meribah. You have poked your fingers at the apples of my eyes without cause and I will not hesitate to cure you of your foolery."


A Lt. General who sometimes thinks he is Saddam Hussein, sometimes he sees himself as Muamar Qadafi, still at some other times, Charles Taylor and at another time, Idi Amin Dada!

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE ROYAL LOQUACIOUS MOUTHIVIST OF very bored of sitting in one place 24/7 doing nothing, but still feeding fat on State resources?


Now does anyone in Nigeria still doubt why Nigeria has been so garrisoned and converted into a very huge barracks/camps of wandering refugees, or should I say: Nationally Displaced Persons (NDPs). The Nigeria/Africa military class are a very greedy and insecure class, hence they do not want to vacate the national/continental spaces, and would not want to take orders from bloody civilians, having been used to giving orders all their lives!

Without doubt, Nigeria is currently being ruled by psychopaths in high places - the Presidency, State Houses, the so-called National Assembly, the Judiciary, Local Governments, the Civil Service, the Military/Para-Military, the Police, Intelligence Community, the Business Community and the Professions, Churches and Mosques, etc, etc.

These are the idiotic, callous, insensate and conscienceless cabals - the very owners of the animals being carried round the country by the hapless herders who had been viciously indoctrinated and given mind altering drugs (MADs), so they can steal, maim, kill and destroy the "infidels" - all non-Hausa and Fulani people, and backing them to perpetuate the culture of uprooting these so-called infidels from their ancestral lands, and thereafter, fill such spaces with their fifle (people) and cattle, whom they prize more than anything else in the world, with the ultimate objective of fulfilling Ahmadu Bello's dream of deeping Koran in the sea.

And after this has been accomplished, the final act will be to introduce sharia in every geo-spatial-space in the land backed with funds from the far off East!


As I intend to fully dilate on this evil ideology later in another book, in this treatise I would just give an overview of WAHABISM/SALAFISM as currently being promoted and funded by Saudi Arabia.

And in the mean time, I would like the reader to bear in mind that the ideological underpinning of Wahabism/Salafism believed to have been founded by Muhammad ibn al-Wahhab in the 18th century is what I would like to refer to in this work as Islamic Integrity - purity of Islam/undiluted/unpolluted Islam as the ultra-conservative muslims had claimed the Angel Gabriel delivered God's message through his prophet Mohammed.

Lest I forget, the reader is hereby invited to have it at the back of their mind that in this treatise, I shall use the words: wahabism and salafism interchangeably, although some scholars had attempted to separate the two, and did indeed have done so, such that one does not mean the other or one is the other, but in fact, are two different terms with differing denotative and connotative meanings, even though they tended to have similar or near similar roots.

By my reckoning as an international scholar, I would in this treatise adumbrate that the ultra-conservative purists - the wahabis/salafists believe that Islam having been polluted by both internal and external influences, it is their divine, but from my own point of view, their self-appointed duty/task to reclaim the so-called authentic and pure version of Islam in which they have been trying over and across centuries, and as from the 70s with petro-dollar wealth from the House of Saud, which had spent over $100 billion in the last three decades to force people the world over to embrace their brand of Islam, using violence and actual death, especially the beheading of the so-called infidels, with Christians and Westerners as key targets, or such other non-cooperative elements in the actualization/realization of this demonic ideology - Islamism.

The wahabis/salafists/sunnis believe that not only is their brand of Islam the authentic one, but the undiluted version as passed down from Muhammadu to his father-in-law, Abu Bakr - full name: Abd Allah ibn 'Uthman ibn Aamir ibn Amr ibn Ka'ab ibn Sa'ad ibn Taym whom the Muslim Ummah following Muhammad's sunnah had seemed to have nominated as the successor to the prophet on his death.

Thus far, scholars and internationalists alike, believe the House of Saud had across three decades committed over $100 billion to advance this thorougly bestial ideology round the globe.


The matter of authencity accounts for the centuries struggles between the the Sunni and the Shi'ite Muslims who equally think their brand of Islam is the true and the original one, believing rightly or wrongly that the prophet had actually intended his cousin, Ali ibn Abi Talib, who also, doubled as his son-in-law to succeed him, and not the former cleric as the sunnis had passed on from one generation to another.

And with particular reference to Nigeria, whilst the nation waits with unabated breath for a tit-for-tat response from its Shi'ite muslims over the gruesome murder of their members by the Nigerian military, believed to be in a region beyond 1000 deaths in one fell swoop under the very watch of the Sunni President of the Sunni-Fulbe ethnic nationality, Muhammadu Buhari-led Government of the descendants and loyalists of Uthman Dan Fodio, who himself is an internationally known and an unrepentant, ultra-radical, ultra-conservative salafist/wahabi extremist.

Also, it must not be lost on the Nigerian people that in their country currently, all terrorists activities - Boko Haram, the Fulbe invaders/expropriators/plunderers/local colonisers/expansionists/jihadists/radical extremists and their foreign collaborators, the state terrorism as currently being master-minded and supervised by the Presidency under Sheik Muhammadu Buhari, paedophillic activities of emirs in palaces, targetting under-aged Christian girls like the Chibok girls, Esther Oruru, including under-aged Christian boys, many of whom are currently having their lives thoroughly messed up by randy emirs with longish genitals, comparable only to those of horses, camels and donkeys and dogs; the MUHAMMADU BUHARI KILL & GO SQUAD (MBKGS); rampaging Fulani herders whose only hubby and preoccupation are to kill and kill - all these and the many, many atrocities that daily go on in high places in Nigeria unreported, are ALL being carried out by the sunni-wahabi/salafist enthusiasts in Nigeria and the frontline Sunnis in Nigeria are: Muhammadu Buhari, the Sultan of Sokoto, Mohammed Abubakar Sa'ad IV, Nasir el-Rufai, Abdulrahman Bello Danbazzau, the Kano cicada, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, etc, hence they have been reluctant in condemning all these anti-Christs acts by their brethren.

But for posterity's sake, what do all these jihadists know about all these killings; how are the jihadists in Nigeria funded; how do they get their supplies of weapons, food supplies - who are the contractors behind these; what is the House of Saud's connection; what are the roles of virtually all the Eastern/Mediterranean embassies and high commissions in Nigeria, muslim charities, businesses and hospitality businesses owned by the muslims from the East, North Africa, West Africa, Central African Republic; what are the roles of some civil servants in all of these; what are the roles of universities, schools, colleges, certain mosques, radical muslim students Associations/Societies, (how many, just how many radical or muslim extremists associations are in Nigeria, registered or unregistered?), your so-called National Assembly, business men and women of Hausa/Fulani extraction, State Houses, Local Government Chair Persons, non-responsive nature of the Nigerian Interior Ministry/Minister in tightening border control; who and who own the trucks that the jihadists are conveyed with, both at nights and days, but MOSTLY at nights these days; who supplied the jihadists with military weapons and accoutrements and how are they delivered to them, manufacturing countries, which banks are monies from the Islamic world to the jihadists in Nigeria chanelled through; which politicians/governors, civil servants are directly involved; who are the Boko Haram informants and agents in the Presidency, the military/barracks, police/barracks, the so-called National Asssemblies, amongst emirs/palaces, mosques, muslim clerics, in the civil service, both at Federal, States and Local Government Council levels, Nigeria Immigration Services, local chiefs/the Lawanis, opinion moulders, ordinary people (males and females), foot 'soldiers' in the battle areas, villages/clans, surrounding areas in the North East of Nigeria, etc, etc?

Thus far, the fight against terrorism in Nigeria is only directed at the Bush Boko Haram (BBH) and not the UNTOUCHABLE Urban/Elite Boko Haram (UUBH/UEBH) that are most dangerous.

So when will the Nigerian intelligence community, the police and the military cause the nation to know the names of all the owners of the cows/animals that the hapless herders do carry round the country to graze, so they can be shamed - and when will the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association (MACBAN) publish the list of their elite cattle owners/members in high places including palaces, politics, the military, the business world, the professions, etc, for the Nigerian people to shame them severally?

Lamentably, the fact that the press in Nigeria since all those years have not published the list of the elite/urban cown owners attests to the fact that the press in Nigeria, and not just investigative journalism is dead - D-E-A-D!

Lest I forget, are the nation's waters properly policed/secured to ensure they are no foreign 'fishes' hiding underneath, lurking around or nearby?

Is all well with the Nigerian Ordnance Corp and amunition depots throughout Nigeria? But who audits them? Just who audits these military arms?

Why don't we hear about or why haven't the agencies of Government intercepted or been intercepting terrorists communications, but they can easily intercept, and have been intercepting my calls from far away United Kingdom?

The agencies of the Nigerian Government that have been intercepting my private telephone conversations to friends and loved ones must know that the truth is indestructible and although I'm not the truth, I am a truth bearer and I do do the truth and follow the truth whole-heartedly, religiously, faithfully, loyally, unrepentantantly, fearlessly and unapologetically because the truth is eternal; it is the absolute and it is the highest measurement of a person - the individual, organizations and the nations and that weapon that will and can blast off the truth is not able to be manufactured until the time of the end, for the simple reason that that knowledge that will enable terrestial intelligence to manufacture such objects directed at the truth that can kill and annihilate the truth is not within and cannot be within the reach of any human intelligence and community because the Truth is from above and its origin is not from here, but from the celestial realm of being.

Meanwhile, can the Nigerian Government tell all conscientious humanity who owns this number and many others that have been appearing on the telephone screens of my relations and friends any time I call Nigeria?

The one a friend read out to me from Abuja which was appearing on his mobile phone instead of mine on April 19th, 2017 is: 07034170226.

Who owns this number, Presidency? Who owns that number, the Presidency in Nigeria?


This playlet was performed by the ALARIWO THEATRE INTERNATIONAL (ATI) and was graced by two prominent Yoruba Kings - the Olugbo of Ugbo and the Ooni of Ife and the venue was the famous ODUDUWA HALL of the world renowned Obafemi Awolowo University.


The hall was full to capacity with students talking excitedly - some shouting and screaming out: "Great Ife"! "Great Ife"! "Great Ife"!

Soon there was an eerie silence with the light having been switched on, and the curtains pulled to either side. But to the dismay of every student, the two rival kings of Ugbo and Ile-Ife who had been invited to grace the occasion as Guests of honour were seen slugging it out with one another over a chair as to who should chair the occasion.

What each was saying became the object of argument amongst some students, with one flamboyant, arrogant and very loud 'professional' student who goes by the name of Eku, dominating the argument.

Eku looks very much like the rainforest elephant, with huge and intimidating legs, which resemble those of an elephant. Eku's mouth was tusk-like. No wonder, he was nicknamed the the "Man-Elephant" and he seemed to revel in this sobrique to the dismay of everybody.

He usually wears a T-shirt with the inscription: I LOVE AISHA. His fellow student who was as skinny as a pin had claimed one of the kings, especially the king of Ugbo was shouting: "Moremi!" "Moremi!" And saying: "To ba je pe Moremi...." But Eku who now was poised for a fight with the lithe frame fellow student said above all else, that the King was not calling "Moremi", but "Aisha!"

In the past he had been detained for six months without trial by the usually officious police of the Great River country for wearing a T-shirt with that inscription, but ever since he had restricted wearing the T-shirt on campus to avoid having a brush with the law. Whilst Eku was in detention, there was not a single protest staged by his fellow students, nor did the student Union leadership do anything to free their fellow student from the high-handedness of the police. It was only his relations and a few friends that were visiting him at the police station.

Suddenly, there was a flash of lighting which came in a lightning speed and the students immediately were transported to the Presidency in Abuja from the ancient city, where two men were arguing heatedly, voiciferously and sweating very profusely, with one of them almost about to hit the other:

Enter the two Jagabans:

Ist Jagaban: Eti e di ni? Eti e di ni, huh, Jagaban? O ofe bami soro ni, ngbo?

2nd Jagaban: Kilo fe kin so?

1st Jagaban: After him, na me!

2nd Jagaban: Ko si aye fun awa meje ji ni adugbo yi.

1st Jagaban: (Getting more worked up and more agitated) Eh! Eh! 'kingbo? Kilo so?

2nd Jagaban: Have your peace, Jagaban. Neither you nor me.

1st Jagaban: Abi oti ya were ni? Sho ti ya were, Jagaban?

Eje mi to mu nko?

2nd Jagaban: Eje mi ti won mu nko?

Enter intrusively, General Maimalari Sokoto, a descendant of Usuman dan Fodiye with a bugle in his hand. He moved arrogantly and disrespectfully towards the Jagabans.

General Sokoto: Sharia! Sharia! Sharia, supreme! Constitution ya na Nanjiriya, banza ne. Sharia kowai! And for your information, the crisis will be resolved by the bugle. June 12 will be a child's play. You in the South love to put your women in the classroom to be messed up by everybody, but we in the North put them in the kitchen to cook for us and in turn we protect them and preserve their virginity and dignity. You in the South West particularly, delight in making heroine of your women, we are ready to help you in that direction, kaji? Let me tell you all separatist Southerners: every rebellion, every violence will be crushed. Yes, we are ready to crush your press and every Republic that will spring up from Oduduwa, Niger Delta to Biafra. Both of you here must not push your luck too far, lest we shall send either, or both of you with a letter to that your Chief to inform him we are still in charge and in control. The spirit of Janta lives on.

Exeunt, General Sokoto, leaving the Jagabans staring at one another, motionless, speechless with their mouths agape.

***To be continued


John Odey Aduma was formely Executive Secretary, Foundry Association of Nigeria; Southern Coordinator of President Muhammadu Buhari's pastoralists NGO - THE PASTORAL RESOLVE; Chairman, Editorial Board of the Daily Times of Nigeria Plc; member, National Committee for the Nigerian Youth Festival, 1993; member, core Committee of the National Tecnology Summit and was the Summit's chairman for two of its sub-committees - Publicity and Exhibition, 1998; member of the Administrative Panel of Inquiry set up by President Olusegun Obasanjo to investigate the illegal trade in and smuggling of endagered species of wild fauna and flora into and out of Nigeria, 2003.

He was the Chairman, Planning Committee of the General Murtala Muhammed Memorial Lecture for two consecutive years, 2001 and 2002 before it attained a Foundation status in 2002, having first been upgraded to that status in 2001. General Murtala Muhammed was one of Nigeria's former Heads of State and was killed in the abortive coup led by the then Colonel Buka Suka Dimka on February 13, 1976.

That same capacity saw Mr Aduma delivering huge succcesses during the Daily Times of Nigeria's 75th Anniversary (in which he raked in N6, 000, 000 into the coffers of the Daily Times of Nigeria Plc) and also, playing a similar role in a similar capacity during Dr Isma'il Babatunde Jose's 75th Birth Day. Dr Jose, doyen of Nigerian journalism was Mr Aduma's personal mentor. That relationship was so close and solid such that whilst Aduma was leaving the shores of Nigeria for Britain in 2003, Dr Jose gave him N10, 000.00.

In 1992, Mr Aduma's contributions to journalism was recognised with the awards of the Nigeria Media Merit Award as the Investigative Reporter of the Year and the Diamond Awards for Media Excellence as the Reporter of the Year, and also, the British Chevening Scholarship, which saw him studying International Journalism at City University of London in 2003-2004, with specialism in Environment.

Aduma is the author of the inspirational best-seller, THE DIAMONDS ARE HERE and the founder of Vigilance, the World's Leading Security Magazine and Scorpion News Corp, in addition to founding the Nationalists Unity Movement of Nigeria (NUMON).


God bless our Nigeria.


The Voice of One Crying from the Diaspora...