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Niger Delta Watch

Nigeria used to be a foremost nation pointing the light for other African nations to follow, but today like the eagle which was brought down from the sky by an ant gnawing at her wings, corruption has brought down Nigeria from her Olympian and soaring height, such that in the comity of nations, smaller African nations including those which gained independence recently are the ones now speaking for the continent.

The soul of Nigeria died the day, Sunday 15th January, 1956 when oil was discovered at Otuabagi and Otuogadi in Oloibiri in present day Bayelsa State by Shell Darcy. That day it was too that the spirit of enterprise and competitiveness died, and following afterwards Nigeria lost her heart and senses of rightness/justness and wrongness including of course, universal altruism. Hence what passes for Nigeria today is the relic of her old self walking with her head and legs up.

Thus, in conceiving Nigeria Watch International (NWI) we are embarrassed by the current stagnation to regression in every facet of that country and disappointed at Nigeria’s current zero image at international level.

The aims of NWI therefore, are:

  • To expose all levels of corruption in Nigeria, especially official corruption
  • To re-orientate the psyche of all Nigerians, both at home and in the Diaspora
  • And usher in the Nigerian renaissance.

The task ahead is not going to be easy, but with the collective efforts of all Nigerians at home and abroad, all friends and well-wishers of Nigeria across the globe joining us in this crusade by reporting all sharp practices in that country including all their unpleasant experiences in the course of doing business, or just visiting Nigeria for other enterprises, we are well able to uproot the evil tree in the House of Nigeria.

Above all, with God on our side we are able to root out corruption and general insecurity in the erstwhile giant of Africa, make her a paradise of glory and a beautiful bride for foreign investors and tourists once more.

We therefore, call on all Nigerians, friends and well wishers of Nigeria to send us information-documents-facts and figures detailing all forms of corruption in that country. Although steeped in stupendous corruption, the current Government may not be willing to take action against established corrupt cases or be favourably and genuinely interested in fighting corruption as the saying goes, “He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones,” we are prepared to press for prosecution of all cases relating to corruption in any form in Nigeria by enlisting world leaders and relevant international bodies such as the United Nations and Transparency International.

According to recent information on Nigeria courtesy of the National Bureau of Statistics, more than 100 million Nigerians live on less than $1.00 a day. Oil - rich Nigeria, and indeed, Africa with all its superabundant natural and manpower resources has no business being poor.

Although our focus at this time primarily is Nigeria, we should welcome information on corruption from other African countries on other African corrupt rulers till such a time when the continental version of NWI - Africa Watch International takes off fully.

We should like to add that the management of Nigeria Watch International does not take responsibility for any publication hereon and their aftermath.

Ridding Nigeria, indeed Africa of corruption is a task that must be done! Don’t just talk about it, report it and take action!



British Chevening Scholar


The Ten Commandments for former Presidents and Heads of State on their Public Conduct




NNAMDI AZIKIWE, the undisputed architec of modern Nigeria: Gentle men, softly, softly, don't give up on Nigeria.

And Zik was also believed to have said: "A broken bottle has no mekwatalism" (you cannot piece together a broken bottle).


Sad tale of the Chief Cop who's stuck in medieval and colonial policing...policing ONLY with the POLICE without common sensical policing and strategic thinking! At best, Ehigiator does his policing by burying his head in the SEA! Before going to Louis Edet House, SEA had left his head in Sapele, his birth place, hence criminals in Nigeria are sucking him like a ripe mango in Oredo Local Government Area, because they well know SEA and his equally very uncoordinated and headless team are merely flapping their wings before the invading hawks like a group of headless chickens in SAPELE.

Whilst criminals know how to apply the 'Federal Character Principles' in their criminalities, the good-for-nothing Prof SHUAIBU OBA ABDULRAHEEM and his not-good value-for-money team at the Federal Character Commision which has now outlived its used by date, so MUST be binned are sleeping and snoring 'defrauding' the toiling masses of the nation's tax payers, collecting salaries for DO-NOTHINGNESS, and giving Buhammadu Muhari the free hand to discolour the nation's polity through his legendary, unparalleled neopotism and Arabism! In this special SPOTLIGHT for Vigilance, DON OKEREKE in his usual witticism thinks even criminals in Nigeria , especially kidnappers do apply 'Federal Character' in their criminal activities, courtesy of their current operational geographical spread!


For upward of six months now, Mr Muhammadu Buhari and his cohorts in the now Northern Peoples Congress, the APC on clinching power having moulted off its Bola Ahmed Tinubu - dominated 'skin' and put on the robe of the notorious NPC, and consequently formed the AREWA GOVERNMENT which has just sworn in its ABEEDS/NOISE MAKERS TEAM, to be referred to here as ALARIWO BAND or MUHAMMADU BUHARI AND HIS ALARIWO BAND.