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Niger Delta Watch

Nigeria used to be a foremost nation pointing the light for other African nations to follow, but today like the eagle which was brought down from the sky by an ant gnawing at her wings, corruption has brought down Nigeria from her Olympian and soaring height, such that in the comity of nations, smaller African nations including those which gained independence recently are the ones now speaking for the continent.

The soul of Nigeria died the day, Sunday 15th January, 1956 when oil was discovered at Otuabagi and Otuogadi in Oloibiri in present day Bayelsa State by Shell Darcy. That day it was too that the spirit of enterprise and competitiveness died, and following afterwards Nigeria lost her heart and senses of rightness/justness and wrongness including of course, universal altruism. Hence what passes for Nigeria today is the relic of her old self walking with her head and legs up.

Thus, in conceiving Nigeria Watch International (NWI) we are embarrassed by the current stagnation to regression in every facet of that country and disappointed at Nigeria’s current zero image at international level.

The aims of NWI therefore, are:

  • To expose all levels of corruption in Nigeria, especially official corruption
  • To re-orientate the psyche of all Nigerians, both at home and in the Diaspora
  • And usher in the Nigerian renaissance.

The task ahead is not going to be easy, but with the collective efforts of all Nigerians at home and abroad, all friends and well-wishers of Nigeria across the globe joining us in this crusade by reporting all sharp practices in that country including all their unpleasant experiences in the course of doing business, or just visiting Nigeria for other enterprises, we are well able to uproot the evil tree in the House of Nigeria.

Above all, with God on our side we are able to root out corruption and general insecurity in the erstwhile giant of Africa, make her a paradise of glory and a beautiful bride for foreign investors and tourists once more.

We therefore, call on all Nigerians, friends and well wishers of Nigeria to send us information-documents-facts and figures detailing all forms of corruption in that country. Although steeped in stupendous corruption, the current Government may not be willing to take action against established corrupt cases or be favourably and genuinely interested in fighting corruption as the saying goes, “He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones,” we are prepared to press for prosecution of all cases relating to corruption in any form in Nigeria by enlisting world leaders and relevant international bodies such as the United Nations and Transparency International.

According to recent information on Nigeria courtesy of the National Bureau of Statistics, more than 100 million Nigerians live on less than $1.00 a day. Oil - rich Nigeria, and indeed, Africa with all its superabundant natural and manpower resources has no business being poor.

Although our focus at this time primarily is Nigeria, we should welcome information on corruption from other African countries on other African corrupt rulers till such a time when the continental version of NWI - Africa Watch International takes off fully.

We should like to add that the management of Nigeria Watch International does not take responsibility for any publication hereon and their aftermath.

Ridding Nigeria, indeed Africa of corruption is a task that must be done! Don’t just talk about it, report it and take action!



British Chevening Scholar


In the 21st century Nigeria, naivety still pervades its politics:

It is shocking and embarrassing to learn that in the midst of the position-sharing crisis at the Apex Legislative Assembly, Buhari who has chosen and has been so advised to play the silent sentinel behaving like a pendulum is being honoured with the excellent attribute of a tolerant, unobtrusive, non-interferring democrat who is giving all sides in the fracas the wide democratic space to exhibit their felinity and dogtitude. Truth is, Buhari and the Arewa cohorts out to pursue the ONE NORTH AGENDA are merely hibernating at the background, quietly moving things and directing the course of events at the ALA, hence to say that Buhari is non-committal, uninterested and nonchallant is to exhibit the worst form of pitiful and incurable naivety which is tantamount to a gross lack of the basic understanding of the complexity of the Nigerian politics as far as power struggle between the North and the South of Nigeria is concerned.

A Diaspora Note to PDP, Other Political Parties, Civil Liberties Organisations, Churches, Mosques, NANS, Student Union Governments, ASUU, NMA, NBA, All Nigerian Professionals, Nigeria Labour Congress, Market Men and Women, Artisans, Ex-Service Men and Women and ALL NIGERIANS!

Ordinarily, a cocoyam leaf is incapable of cutting a person, but in the year that the gods are against one, especially in the year that the goodluck train fails to arrive at the time appointed, it does cut a person leaving them bleeding profusely. Yala Proverb. In the APC world view, political loafers depending on 'godladderism' and godfatherism can just stroll into plum political positions with their two-two hands inside their pockets. Right now, all we can say to all who have been the beneficiaries of hereditary privileges in that country is - they should not trouble trouble until trouble troubles them. Bukola Saraki of the Axis of Pendulum/Political Prostitution - The Middle Belt of Nigeria - and Yakubu Dogara...have in their hands, each a kola with 36 lobes, let them both send out town criers to all the 36 clans including the Market Square and summon the elders to the Town Hall for a celebration of life. But who exactly is hiding in the ancestral groves and beating the drums for Shola's boy to be dancing naked on the Express Way?