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  • ‘Broken Britain’ needs such family ties which are not a threat to national security.
  • Children from homes with loose ends could be a great threat to national security.
  • Made in ‘Broken Britain’ ‘monsters’ who pass for children are a danger to society

Although we have continued to criticise P.M. David Cameron for presiding over a government with a serrated edge, cutting without common sense, probably because the OxBridgians do not know how to grow the economy, beyond left-right-front and back cuttings, our disagreement with him and his government starts and ends at policy level. As an individual we admire and respect him as a husband, father and our P.M. Need we also say we have total admiration for his frankness and forthrightness, hence when Mr and Mrs Samantha Cameron on August 24th, 2010 had their new baby, Florence Rose Endellion Cameron (FREC) who we may sooner or later consider as our Number 10 Drowning Street Correspondent, we very much rejoiced with them.

And now that he and the entire Cameron family are bereaved, we commiserate with them. Our hearts go to all of them as well as our prayers, first for God to grant the Cameron family the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss, and secondly for God to welcome Mr Cameron Snr into His Kingdom and grant him eternal rest.

In these days of ‘Broken Britain’, to use the P.M’s much loved expression, we admire the inexplicable bond between David and his father, by extension his solid relationship with his nuclear and extended families. A trade mark virtue we have discovered in the P.M. is his immense ability to appreciate very immeasurably the people around him and all those who have contributed to his enviable meteoric rise to the pinnacle of his vocation and avocation.

Arguably, Mr Ian Cameron appears to us as the P.M.’s best friend and if our conjecture is right, then he has lost his best friend who even when he was alive, the P.M. was full of admiration for him, so we know how he feels at this time. Perhaps, it is this grace in him that makes him acknowledged and appreciated his father so much, both in life and in death.

As in all human relationships, the ties between the P.M. and his late father may not be without occasional disagreements and frictions some of the time, yet we at Vigilance without hesitation recommend this bond between a father and son to ‘Broken Britain.’

‘Broken Britain’, this is you: In Britain currently, we have children brought into the world without fathers, we have some brought into the world without knowing their fathers and those children who know their fathers have zero relationship with them. Fathers and children exist like cats and dogs in ‘Broken Britain’, sun and day, north and south, which never meet. In some cases, some children do not have or know both parents. They grow up fatherless and motherless! The only homes children in this category have to call theirs are the care homes.

Ugly sight! This is you ‘Broken Britain’: On daily basis, babies who themselves should be under the tutelage of parents being nurtured and trained up the way they should go in life are seen night and day dragging infants who look like the lean cows in Pharaoh’s  dream on buggies all around the UK shoplifting. These children can appropriately be termed “Visa” or “Council Flat” children.  They look so dishevelled, haggard and very malnourished with phlegm and saliva drooling at their noses and mouths.

Abound today, in ‘Broken Britain’ are families whose ties do not bind, no sense of community, zero bond, whose breakfast, lunch and dinner tables, if some can ever afford just one of these in a day, are in fast food joints. Here again, without hesitation, we recommend the Cameron family. Yes, we know they are not a perfect family, yet we recommend them very highly to ‘Broken Britain.’

The anguish cry of ‘Broken Britain’ today is that there are no role models or father figures, hence young Brits have become monsters in the streets of ‘Broken Britain’, preying on each other, on other Britons, knifing each other, terminating lives of youngsters in the prime of their lives, yet it is heart warming to learn that Mr Ian Cameron was there for young Cameron from age zero till his passing away onto glory on September 8, 2010.

What other tribute can a father expect from a son who even though not perfect, has lived out his upbringing in public life to become a moral ambassador of his family, rising in so short a time to become the head of a very powerful nation in the world. We are persuaded in the spirit that P.M. Cameron has not told us all about his father which we think will be of immense benefit to ‘Broken Britain.’ We therefore, look forward to when he will pen down that book with the title: My Father for ‘Broken Britain.’

We take advantage of this opportunity to praise the courage of the P.M’s mother, Mrs Mary Cameron, who in marrying Mr Ian Cameron was blind to her husband’s disability, later years complications and put love above all else. Without hesitation, we would say she was the galvanising and positive force in the life of her husband. At a time that women now go into marriage for pecuniary gains, Mrs Cameron is unique; in an age that divorce is very rampant, Mrs Cameron is one in a million; at a time when women chuck out their husbands from their matrimonial homes at the slightest disagreement, we ask Mrs Cameron to stand up and be counted; in an age that women are constantly giraffing-looking out for other men with money and physically fit, she is to be emulated. We tend to think the British public do not know much about Mrs Cameron, as his role model father featured more in his conversations than his mother. We want to know more about this heroic woman, and let others cast in her mould be fished out and celebrated by the media. Ok, let’s give the P.M. a second assignment to write another book with the title: My Mother for ‘Broken Britain’.

Yes, if these youngsters/teenagers do not have parents to discipline them, ‘Broken Britain’ has to discipline/control them with legislations. If babies/teenagers are given Council Flats and allowances when they give birth to children, they will apart from the general poverty level and the near absence of the right sexuality education, absence of moral boundaries which often force some of them into this obloquy, be further encouraged to embrace promiscuity. Today, ‘Broken Britain’ wears the unenviable badge as a country with the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the whole of Europe.

‘Broken Britain’ has to address the poverty level in some parts of the country and come up with a stringent legislation/policy that will make youngsters be solely responsible for the untoward results of their ungovernable sexual appetites. By this we mean babies/children who become pregnant at a time when they should be in school and under the tutelage of their parents/guardians should be told in clear terms that they are on their own. This is not insensitivity, nor is it an infringement on their biological rights. If there are no parents, relations to make them behave, society has to step in. This is what ‘Big Society’ is all about.

Anyone thinking seriously about fighting crimes in ‘Broken Britain’ should tackle first the root causes of crimes, some of which have been touched in this editorial, for you do not remove an evil tree from society by cutting it at the trunk, you cut the roots of such a tree if you are serious about ridding society of the evil.

The roots of all knifings and other deviant tendencies including lack of respect for adults and constituted authorities amongst youngsters are traceable to all these – abject poverty in a ‘Canaan’ flowing with milk and honey; absence of parents, particularly fathers; absence of the right sexuality education, etc. Seeing under aged or baby mothers if you like, bringing innocent children into the world is very worrying and distasteful to anyone with a conscience. They are being brought into the world courtesy of a box of chicken and chips costing just £1.99 and burgher, £1.29 received by girls on benefits from their never-to-be found boyfriend-fathers or never -at -home fathers who equally are on benefits. Yes, this is the level of poverty and promiscuity today in ‘Broken Britain’.

In the olden days, the good old days  of family cohesiveness, even in this very country bringing children into the world when one was not known to have been married was regarded as the highest intransigence against one’s family and society generally. If after this editorial, ‘Broken Britain’ does not do anything to halt this permissiveness, then it will be seen as a hidden agenda is being pursued here. All unemployment, loafing, parasitism (benefits), prison congestion, pressure on policing, unnecessary pressure on the NHS costing the government fortunes that could have been diverted to some progressive uses, in part, have their roots from this shame.

Children aged between 3 and 5 are already experts in shoplifting in ‘Broken Britain’ - No, experts in stealing, let a spade be known by its name! Their mothers deliberately encouraged them to steal when they are taken to shops in and around the cities of the United Kingdom.

If the P.M. gets to read this editorial, he owes God, humanity and posterity a great service to seriously address the issue of teenage pregnancy culminating in teenage or baby mothers. If he fails to so do, posterity will have just one question for him. And that question is:  “Had he found himself in this type of pitiful situation, would he have become the P.M. of Britain?”

Having a family comes with responsibility and it means the parties involved are already mature. You don’t bring children into the world for the State to feed, nurture and train up. There are many ‘monsters’ on British estates and streets today because of this rubbish.

Once again, our condolences to the Cameron family, and to P.M., especially we say: “Don’t cry too much after all, you are now a big boy. Here’s our handkerchief to dry up those tears, P.M.


0 #1 Norman Wilson 2010-10-05 06:32
The writer must have a very sad life. His writing is so negative and very biased. A good writer writes projecting an accurate reflection of both the good and the bad. This writer wrote this article determined to paint a bad picture and blinded to the good in Britain. If he finds our society so distasteful, why is he living in this 'Broken Britain'? Take a goo look aroun, and see the numerous teenagers working or studying hard to be positive Britons. Those who o not shoplift nor deal drugs nor have babies to secure council flats. Open your negative vision and see those kids who explore their God given talents in music, sports, sciences and contribute to the growth of this nation, which despite people like you is still one of the best in the world. The problem you have is a spirit of 'half empty cup', switch this for a spirit of 'half full cup'.