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The entire British system is sick and it’s now time for the British renaissance!

Greed and complacency are at the centre of G4S’s current woe. Here’s a company that prides itself in “Securing your World” when what in fact, they meant is: “Securing our Pockets.” And so having pocketed £284 million they decided to give Britain and the world poor services. It is simply common sense to know from the onset that within the stipulated period this grossly inefficient company feeding fat on tax payers’ money cannot recruit and train 10, 000-13, 000 personnel to man the games. Being blinded by their trade mark greed, they concealed the truth from their clients, London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG).

Stupidly, LOCOG took this security giant with clay feet, a mere relic of its old self for their words. This shameless company whose top notches including their Board members who should all hang their heads in shame for bringing Britain to international obloquy continued to play monkey tricks on its clients until nemesis recently caught up with them only for them to start crying out like a suckling thinking they would receive the sympathy of the British public and the world. But this is the fate of all greedy fools who put live coals in their scrotums thinking they would never, ever be burnt!

This highly irresponsible corporate citizen having messed up the whole security apparatus for the London 2012, are not the ones clearing up their mess now, our boys and girls, numbering 3, 500 whose patriotism has never been in doubt have been called to remedy the situation, whilst scandalous G4S is shedding goose tears when in fact, it has pocketed millions! Rather than be truly remorseful, its equally shameless officials are crying about £50 million they think they might lose following their gross irresponsibility and unparalleled ineptitude. Shouldn’t these incompetent bunch be wailing by rubbing ashes all over their bodies, then go and weep into the River Thames, for they have not only let down themselves, Britain and the world, but the whole of private licensed security companies in Britain? Those calling for policing privatization, isn’t this the best time for them to exhume their nonsense from the graveyard?

What we at Vigilance cannot understand is they are better Approved Contractors in Britain numbering up to 743, but why did short-sighted LOCOG and Theresa May who has done more damage to the image of Britain than all the past Home Secretaries put together settle for this unpatriotic corporate citizen, whose CEO and all its Board members still talking if they have any sense of integrity and shame should all by now have resigned and a new Board reconstituted.

By 30 June 2012 the total number of Approved Contractors as displayed on the Security Industry Authority’s official website was 743 and from the same source Vigilance discovered that more than 133, 000 licensed operatives were working for these companies! So had I-don’t-care Theresa May including officials of LOCOG and greedy G4S used their brains, there are enough trained private security officers in Britain to do her proud by providing excellent security services throughout the period of the Games. But greed and lack of strategic thinking amongst all these blockheads have brought shame on Britain.

Thus, in probing this obloquy, Parliament should seek to know how greedy G4S came about snatching the plum contract from other bidders: Was the London 2012 security contract influenced in favour of G4S? Was the bidding by competitive performance/previous record of delivering services within the stipulated deadline or by hereditary privilege? Why was the contract not spread so other Approved Contractors partake of the “Olympics pies?” Were they any persons or group of persons entrusted with the responsibility of giving progress reports on security to relevant authorities on daily, weekly and monthly basis? If yes, who were they and what reports have they been entering on their incident reports meant for a designated senior authority? If not, why not?

Why are all the Games stakeholders including the grossly irresponsible G4S just crying out now at a time when sports men and women the world over have started arriving? Is it true that the Home Office was warned about G4S’s inability to provide the required number of security needed at the Games ten months earlier? Why was the contract based on the winner takes all? How many security companies were invited to bid? We at Vigilance would like to see the names of other bidders for the plum Olympics security contract published. Again we’d like to know why G4S was LOCOG’s preferred choice above other bidders? Is this what you call wealth spread David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Theresa May, Jeremy Hunt?

Common sense requires that if an Approved Contractor had secured such a mouth-watery contract, it should sublet it to other Approved Contractors, even if it means security operatives from these other contractors would wear the uniforms of G4S or an agreed uniform mutually acceptable to all concerned! It is a matter of common sense, especially where honour and integrity are respected that no matter how efficient a company is, it cannot be able to provide 10, 000-13, 000 security personnel required by the Games organisers within the stipulated period.

It would be interesting if the British public could be told what deadline was given to shameless G4S - six, three months, before the actual start of the Games or they simply were told to carry on recruiting and training till the start of the Games? Somehow, we are beginning to think that had an upstart security company or a group of upstart security companies been given the contract, they would have taken it as a challenge to get the job done and deliver in record time, more, do a better job than this gargantuan of a security company now suffering from financial obesity.

Had Theresa May and her cohort been conscious of Britain’s leading role in the world, had they an iota of loyalty and patriotism in their heads and had they been conscious of the fact that as Britain together with her vibrant press have been holding nations organising such earth-shaking events to account, as she gets ready to host the world, her enemies will be on the look out to scrutinise her too, they would have acted responsibly. Sometimes, the nonchalant attitude with which Theresa May conducts the affairs of State make us at Vigilance think she is not the right woman for the job and she does not appear to know the magnitude of threats facing Britain on daily basis from all over the world.

We at Vigilance honestly think it’s sure about time that the posh boys dominating the British Parliament told the British public why they have not kicked this woman out since. It is because of the unparalleled ineptitude of Theresa that fiendish Abu Hamza has been causing tax payers untold agonies on daily basis. She is there as Home Secretary, but does not appear to know what is going on in and around her office. We are tired of a Secretary who does not seem to know her job specifications such that she is always trading blames with her officers. Having watched the visionless, purposeless and rudderless coalition Government of the STory (tellers) and Libdiots moving aimlessless on the high sea of governance making many u-turns, we very much think they have given the world a new form of government to be known and called U-turnocracy and the shameless practitioners of such a system be called U-turnocrats. Therefore, if the U-turnocrats at No. 10 cannot kick this woman out of public space, for she is simply an assault on the collective British national psyche, then if Theresa May loves Theresa May, Theresa May should help Theresa May by kicking Theresa May out of Government now!

Also, worthy of mention here is a careless and crassly irresponsible utterance attributed to standardless Jeremy Hunt, culture secretary that: “It is completely normal that you are going to find some contractors on a project of this size who aren’t able to deliver what they have promised.” Firstly, we are not surprised because his antecedents are written boldly on the River Thames for posterity to thoroughly scrutinise him; secondly, his name is Jeremy, not Jeremiah! Having said that, we‘d like to ask Boy Jeremy a few questions on behalf of posterity and all the British public who care about national standards: So it’s normal to bring shame on one’s country; so it’s normal to be greedy and complacent; so it’s normal to handle a contract of this magnitude for the contractors to fail to meet deadline, if any, and deliver whenever they like?

Jeremy knows too well as Winston Churchill and the Great Nelson that this is not in line with the British spirit. It is this type of irresponsible utterance from someone who by virtue of his exalted position, who ought to be seen as a statesman, but the reverse is the case, that we are tempted to ask: Who owns this Leviathan called G4S and who have been helping them winning all the Government contracts?

Still, we should like to ask this boy, “Is this the sort of standard we should pass onto the next generation? No wonder, the coalition is soft on crime because they are in love with the prevailing negative tendencies and aberrations within the British system. Herein lies our overall concern that Britain is regressing fast into the State of Nature and a third world nation, where everything thrives on the “dictatorship of relativism!” It is the more worrisome to us at Vigilance, especially coming into a sudden realization that there’s is hardly an institution or a department of the British life that has not been summoned to the universal tribunal of late - is it the Parliament, now making itself a prince and a judge over the entire British society; is it politicians, yet to put the expenses scandal behind them; is it the media currently on trial for phone and computer hackings; the police; is it the banking sector whose devious past has returned to find them out; is it, Oh, is it the city; the public sector, the school, the church and the mosque? The list is in exhaustive.

In view of the recent happenings within the British system which leaves much to be desired, we are hereby proposing that before taking up public appointments or going for elective offices some people need to read British history thoroughly so as to have an overall picture of Great Britain in world affairs, both in the past and now. Also, they need to have a portrait of Winston Spencer Churchill in their offices, perhaps with a reflective question such as: What will Churchill do?

Our verdict: The entire British system is sick and it's now time for the British renaissance!